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The Restoration

Here we have your typical old Gottlieb/Premier, that nobody really seems to want just hanging around looking somewhat used.


A quick call to Steve Young at The Pinball Resource and we have a NOS playfield on the way. Also got new drop targets, pop bumper bodies and caps, new lane guides and flipper parts. We can rebuild him. Make him better , faster , stronger than ever. Dropped the playfield off at the local body shop for clear coating (these guys worked on my Viper, so I knew I was in good hands)
2 days later I have a beautiful, shiny acrylic urethane coated field, ready to install. 


The pics above are actually the first stages of changeover. There were so many metal guide rails that I felt it best to transfer them as I took them off of the old one.

Over she goes for the endless task of swapping over the bottom parts. I slid a piece of cardboard between the parts and the board to make sure all was disconnected. Then it was easy to lift off the cardboard to transfer the mess to the new board.

Added the side boards and T-nuts so the field would not be sitting on the newly cleared surface.

Had to transfer the light wire braid over and then started to re-assemble the bottom in the reverse order. Just put the cardboard on top and slowly slid it out as I went down attaching the parts on the way.

Here's a couple of pics of the cabinet. I will get some more of it complete soon.

This is the top side of the field, ready to go back in the game.

Here is the game totally finished, with new playfield and glass ready to play.


Why go through this much trouble for an old Gottlieb ??

This stupid game is actually fun. The sounds are not annoying and it is very challenging. Sometimes you just want to smack a ball around without having a goal. Just something to play without thinking. This is it. I bought the game on a package deal with other older Gottlieb pins and this was by far the nicest condition pin there. I sold all the other pins and fought off several that wanted this one. I just don't find them like this, so I decided to do the resto and keep it a while.  

I have sold this game, but the restoration was a blast.