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Owners List

  OWNER Build Date Serial   Number Tag # Location Comments
1 Thomas Schaffer ? 50266400008   Frankfurt Germany Great machine in wonderful condition
2 Armand & Sherry Bastien 1/18/1999 50266400069   Galveston, Texas Fantastic game, well worth the purchase!
3 Ingo G. (GPA) 1/25/1999 50266400202 202 Bonn, Germany Finally, I got it in a trade.
4 Martin Wiest 1/27/1999 50266400227 227 Groebenzell Germany First new pin purchased.        Great Machine
5 Andreas Harre 1/27/1999 50266400228 228 Burgdorf Germany The last real pinball !! Hopefully someone will fix the software sometime.
6 Horst Soellner 1/27/1999 50266400229 229 Immenreuth, Germany  
7 Stefan Hoppe 1/27/1999 50266400256 77 Germany  
8 Michael Voss   1/30/1999 50266400273 273 Germany Side Art damaged
9 Greg Ross 1/27/1999 50266400279   Westminster, CA  
10 Klaus-Uwe Dunemann 1/30/1999 50266400321 320 Stadthagen, Germany  
11 Rainer Beine 1/29/1999 50266400327   Delbrück / Germany  www.rainersonlinewelt.de
12 Randy Peck 2/4/1999 50266400527 784 California The pin is HUO, very low plays.
13 Fabrice Jouanny 3/22/1999 50466400450   Versailles/ France  
14 OLaf Boothe 2/3/1999 50466400505 305 Kalkar,Germany www.pinballheaven.de
15 Jeff Murphy 2/11/1999 50466400726   Warsaw, Indiana After years of searching, I'm glad to finally have one!!
16 Nikky & Aeneas Verhé 2/12/1999 50466400729 729 Antwerp, Belgium We finally got a cactus canyon and never thought I would say this but I love it!!
18 Ian Bailey 1/26/1999 51066400254   Sheffield, England  
19 Mike Nogle 1/27/1999 51466400288   West Chicago, IL Refurbishing to brand new
20 Daniel Küffer 1/19/1999 52266400123   Aargau, Switzerland HUO
21 John Giger 1/22/1999 52266400131   Bozen, Switzerland in Operating
22 Dave Fama 2/19/1999 52266400556 701 Danville, California   Williams goes out with a bang..... 
23 Donnie Barnes 2/19/1999 53366400089 721 Chapel Hill, NC Home Use Only, Rev 1.1
24 Chris Cramer 2/4/1999 53366400245 541 Union, KY Rev 1.1
25 Stuart Lindsay 2/5/1999 53366400338 883 Australia Imported from Canada. shopped, new decals, all manuals+ goodie Bag. I love it! Fantastic Pin
26 Mike Nichols 1/20/1999 53366400389 515 Reno ,NE Purchase NIB. Very entertaining pin!
27 James Zock 1/28/1999 53366400429 712 Andover,OH Mint NIB, 1st New pin   purchased
28 Jason Rufer 2/4/1999 53366400429   Cokato, MN REV 1.3 , minor leg wrinkling. Have a bunch of NOS spare parts and plastics set.
29 William Dillon  2/4/1999 53366400444 739 Plano Texas I have restored the CC to new condition complete with original parts bag and collector plaque.
30 Richard Unterholzner 2/5/1999 53366400465   Strongsville ,Ohio Bought from original owner/operator.One location 8800 play's. Fast,Fun,I love it..
31 Dale Garbutt 2/9/1999 53366400470 877 Aldergrove, B.C. Game is worth every penny!!
32 Larry Kitchen 2/5/1999 53366400516 762 Chicago ILL. Hi 
33 Rich Buckley 2/5/1999 53366400520 495 ?  
34 Chris M 2/5/1999 53366400523 . South Carolina

All original near mint HUO game, 1 owner, Original distributor was in Columbia, SC

35 Trent Augenstein 2/5/1999 53366400524   Delaware, OH  
36 Bill Blomster 2/5/1999 53366400537 765 Fairmont, MN Like the game ,especially the music
37 Chris Younce 2/4/1999 53366400540   Michigan 1 of 2 that were shipped into Michigan. A real keeper!
38 Don & Lesley Merki 2/4/1999 53366400544   Denton,TX. Perfect game.
39 Rob Steinberg 2/5/1999 53366400630 519 Phoenix, AZ "Home Use Only" pin
40 Mike Scott  2/9/1999 53366400658 407 Dothan, AL The last pin to complete my, Last Of, Collection: MB, Cactus Canyon, RFM, SWE1, Sega Harley Davidson
41 ? 2/15/1999 53366400772 396    
42 Mark Klein 2/16/1999 53366400794 794 Edgewater, NJ  HEP restored with matching collector plate. All NOS.
43 David Mills 2/18/1999 53366400833   Manchester KY I love this pinball A+ +
44 Vic Pineschi  2/15/1999 53366400845 255 Los Angeles,CA Nice original playfield. Overall very nice condition.
45 Scott Sawin 2/19/1999 53366400867   Sudbury, Massachusetts Best game I have ever owned!!!
46 Mark Stevens 2/19/1999 53366400868 512 South Bend, IN The machine was rescued from a pizza joint for its entire 3 years in public play.
47 Mike Paris 2/16/1999 53366400881   Canyon  CA. Like to see Williams get all the bugs fixed.
48 Jim Sroka 2/16/1999 53366400885 400 Brick , NJ  
49   2/23/1999 53366400897 833   sold. don't know new owner
 50 Clarence Jasin ???? ????? 800 Toronto, Canada Home Use Only.






Here's a picture of the "SPECIAL COLLECTORS EDITION" gold tag for Cactus Canyon


CCinst.JPG (61827 bytes)

Here's the supplied instruction sheet for the tag installation.

Click here to see the promo plastics for Cactus Canyon.

Did You Know ?

There were supposed to be stickers on the

BAD GUYS drop targets ?

Somehow or someway, they didn't end up on the games .

Here's a sample pic

Check it out !!!!!

Someone ... who has remained anonymous has sent me some high resolution scans of all 4 targets !!!
Here they are, in zip files. I had to reformat them so they can be seen and printed easily. They came out actual  size with  brilliant color. Many thanks to the person who provided the scans for us to enjoy. All you have to do is
print them on sticker paper and cover them with some Mylar and they are ready to go.






Here's the history of the stickers. They were originally designed to be put onto the drop targets to be "badguys" (hence, all the discussion around "shoot the bad guy").  We put them on the games, and found that many people couldn't see the targets very well, and we got a LOT of complaints about the target visibility. The next step was that we put in translucent targets, with light-piping from underneath.  They looked way cool.  They would flash a bit when the target light was flashing.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find a plastic compound that would withstand the life testing.  The translucent plastics did not hold up well compared to the normal glass-filled nylon used. In the end, we chose a bright yellow target, assuming that they would give maximum visibility.  The target stickers were not included in the final art package, and hence, were not put on the game  intentionally. BTW: I have 2 cactus canyon's, plaque number 002, and 003.-

Matt Coriale - Programmer of Cactus Canyon

Tom Kopera was the designer


Found this info on the Newsgroups . There has been some question as to the Bionic Bart mentioned on the Score Card. This seems to explain it better than anything I've seen.

Bionic Bart was removed from the
rules long before the game went to market. But when Williams
printed the score card, they printed the WRONG CARD! That is,
they printed an older version that mentioned Bionic Bart, when
he had been removed from the rules way before! So everyone
thought, "gee there's no Bionic Bart, the software is really
unfinished". When in reality, B/Bart was removed from the rules
for a reason, and there was no intention of ever adding him
back in! If  Williams had printed the *correct* score card
for the game (which of course did not mention Bionic Bart),
this would have never been an issue!!


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