48 games in one

Ready to go!!!!!


(See list below)

I ONLY have 1 LEFT !!!

brand new cabinet with NEW Wells 25" Monitors.  IT HAS new artwork (Marquee, Control Panel, Sideart)

and  new Joystick and buttons and control panel plexi

 and HAVE a new 48 in 1 CPU board.

There is only ONE new game left.





Here is what all the control decks look like.


 They all have the new sideart on each side.




The following games are in this one cabinet:


Ms Pac Man Time Pilot
Galaga Super Cobra
Frogger Hustler
Donkey Kong Space Panic
Donkey Kong Jr Super Breakout
Donkey Knog 3 New Rally X
Galaxian Araknoid
Dig Dug Qix
Crush Roller Juno First
Mr Do Xevious
Space Invaders Mr Do Castle
Pacman Moon Cresta
Galaga 3 Pinball Action
Gyruss Scramble
Tank Batallian Super Pacman


Bomb Jack
Ladybug Shoa-Lin-Road
Burgertime King & Balloon


Centpede Van-Vancar
Millipede Pacman Plus
Jr Pacman Dig Dug 2
Penbo Amidar  
Phoenix Zaxxon


For more info Call/Text 314-540-3782 Keith or e-mail me.


Game can be picked up here at my home in Arnold Missouri, (near St. Louis). Local delivery available for $75 within 50 Miles.  Shipping costs are not included   I usually go with a company like North American Van Lines. They pick the game up from me, blanket wrap it and deliver it directly to your place. Their phone number is 800-959-8880 . Call them for a shipping quote. Costs usually run $300-$400 depending on your location.