Welcome to the Wild West where bad guys run ramped and you are
the new sheriff in town

This Cactus Canyon is as new as the day it was taken out of the box.

I bought this BRAND NEW and took it out of the box myself .
It was setup here in my game room and has not been anywhere else.

HOME USE ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!

It has never been on location  or ever had a quarter run through it.
I updated the game rom to the latest revision .(1.3)
I also put nos decals on the" bad guys", which are almost impossible to find.
I have the collectors Gold Plaque and the all the original manuals and paperwork ,
not to mention that the spare parts bags are still stapled to the inside of the
game untouched. There are many high quality pics you can click on below.
This is the last of the Williams WPC games ever made and considered to be
one of the BEST !!!

Let's look at the numbers.....

ONLY 925 Games Made

This game has only 373 games started.

With 265 total plays

The playfield is a 10

The Back Glass is a 10

The cabinet is a 9.8

Why is the cabinet not a perfect 10 like the rest of the game??
It seems that Cactus Canyon and Monster Bash had a
problem with the cabinet decals lifting or wrinkling around the legs.
I have detailed pics of all 4 legs also below.
HOWEVER (and in life there's always a however) I have
BRAND NEW side decals and front decal that will
go with the machine .

 Shipping is available in the US for a flat fee of $200 which
includes packing and shipping to a truck terminal. Delivery to your
door would cost extra and have to be arranged by the buyer.
Payments to be made by cashiers check ,or secure wire transfer.